Fence Styles

This section will help give you some ideas about some types of fences available:


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High-tech polyvinyl fence is virtually maintenance free. You’ll never have to worry about painting, rotting, termites or corrosion.

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Wood fencing offers a vast array of design options. Low-density cedar, redwood, pine and cypress woods used in the fences are less likely to warp.


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Wood or Composite privacy fence can provide a solid barrier between properties. The many designs allow you to create a fence that’s both beautiful and functional.

Picket Fence

french_gothic flat-top_picket roses_thru_fence
There are an unlimited number of styles to choose from when planning a picket fence. The style simply depends on its use for borders, protection, or privacy.

Split Rail

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Split Rail follows the land’s natural contours. Its rustic appearance, reminiscent of an earlier time, adds character and warmth to your landscape.

Farm Rail

Offering a rustic, country style, farm rail fencing is ideal for homes, businesses, public parks, large lots, or anywhere you need a subtle barrier to enhance the look of your property.

Chain Link

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Known for strength and durability, chain-link is the most economical fencing. A wide range of color coatings will blend naturally with trees and bushes.

Ornamental Aluminum or Steel

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Combining tomorrow’s modern technology with the elegance and craftsmanship of a master blacksmith. Styles and colors will complement your home with that classic look.

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Custom Wood Work

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